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One of the greatest benefits of a franchise system is the availability of proven programs and techniques to help you build your business.


When you become a new franchise owner, Always Best Care Franchise Operations Trainers will work with you during an extensive, 12 week training program.


The Always Best Care training program focuses on the operational activities of setting up, managing and marketing your home and community care and your residential care placement services.


Weeks 1-4: Completion of Pre-Training, which focuses

on a series of operations-based training modules that

must be completed prior to attending Corporate Training. This phase of the training program focuses on insurance requirements, licensing, print and marketing material, and preparing a competitive analysis. Pre-Training is divided into modules that are completed via self-disciplined study applications, one-on-one coaching and informational webinars.


Thorough In-Depth Training Program for Franchise Owners

Week 5: Five-day training session at Always Best Care's corporate headquarters in Australia. Your Corporate Training includes classroom training, a day in the field visiting and speaking with key contacts at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities and residential care homes, and observing a caregiver orientation. The session will also provide an opportunity to learn with other franchise owners and Master Franchisees, as well as learning about best practices from seasoned professionals and the company founder, Michael Newman.


Weeks 6-11: Post Training focuses on training modules

designed to prepare franchise owners for field training and

the opening of their businesses. The modules concentrate

on developing relations with assisted living communities,

networking in the marketplace, public relations, staffing,

developing accounts listings and one-on-one coaching

to prepare you for opening day. Like Pre Training, Post

Training is divided into modules that are completed via

self-disciplined study applications, one-on-one coaching,

and informational webinars.

Week 12: Field Training is an opportunity for the franchisee

and trainer to work together in the market during a three-

day session. The training session will include a review of

the market and an account breakdown. During the three-

day Field Training session, the franchisee and trainer will

make marketing calls on referral sources, including hospitals,

skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, physicians,

and others. The franchisee and trainer will also make

marketing calls on other referral sources, such as funeral

homes, financial planners, durable medical equipment

companies and other similar companies. The franchisee

will follow up on contracts needing to be signed and will

meet with communities to discuss supplemental care for

their residents. The franchisee will also attend a

networking meeting and discuss plans for volunteering.

Finally, the franchisee and trainer will review the strategic

plan, advertising budget, and 60-day action plan for the

local market.

Ongoing Support: As an Always Best Care franchisee,

you're never alone! Your Master Franchisee, based near

you, will provide on-going training and support as you need

it. Plus, from our corporate headquarters, we'll conduct an

on-going series of webinars on a variety of topics to help you

every step of the way.